Men & Women’s

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Leaving a Good Legacy for the Next Generation: This study challenges men and parents to have a better relationship with their children by putting into practice God’s principles for our lives. 

Building Up Christian Homes: As women, we have the blessing and the responsability to build our homes on Christ.  This study helps us to identify the best ways to take on this task with love and enthusiasm!

¡You are a Jewel! : Did you know you are precious in God’s sight; more valuable than a precious stone?  A look at scripture will give us the proper perspective concerning a healthy self-esteem as women.

What we believe

rippedWe believe there is only one, true living God; eternally existing in three persons Father, Son, and Holy Spirit


rippedThe vital ministry is fortified and undergirded by faithful support individuals and churches through their prayers and financial giving.

Animando al Matrimonio

ripped“Animando al Matrimonio” is Spanish for “Encouraging Marriage” and is name of our marriage ministry in Mexico.