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Love and Respect: This conference is based on the number one needs of women and men.  Ephesians 5:33 says that a man should love his wife as he loves himself and that a woman should respect her husband.

The 5 Needs of Men and Women: Everyone can think of five things that they “need” from their spouse, but do you know what the five most important ones are to your spouse?  This conference helps all ages of couples to discover the top needs of their spouse and to learn how to satisfy those needs in a healthy and loving way.

How to Divorce-proof your Marriage:
Discovering the six types of Love that are needed in a divorce-proof marriage are center-stage in this conference.  Implementing these six loves will take a fragile marriage and make it stronger; they will take a good marriage and make it GREAT! 

Resolving Anger in your Marriage:
Every marriage has to deal with anger on one level or another.  This conference will help you to understand your anger (and your spouse’s anger!) by revealing its true source and by learning the necessary skills to resolve it in your marriage.

The Four Seasons of Marriage:
Excellent conference on the different “seasons” of a marriage.  This is the perfect weekend retreat material for couples to assess where they are in their marriage, and how to move into a warmer, more inviting season!

Romance in Marriage:
Has the flame gone out in your marriage?  Are you ready to re-kindle the romantic fire with your spouse?  Find out how to recapture their heart and return to the basics of Marriage 101.

What we believe

rippedWe believe there is only one, true living God; eternally existing in three persons Father, Son, and Holy Spirit


rippedThe vital ministry is fortified and undergirded by faithful support individuals and churches through their prayers and financial giving.

Animando al Matrimonio

ripped“Animando al Matrimonio” is Spanish for “Encouraging Marriage” and is name of our marriage ministry in Mexico.